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Powerful, Customizable, Flexible

Daedalus features a high amount of customizability out of the box, which not only provides quality of life to you, your staff, and your community, but also allows you to bend its features to your needs.

If you see a feature that you can use in a way it's not intended, as long as it's not abusive, go ahead and be creative! We provide you with a wide suite of features but we cannot cover everyone's needs, so if you find a way to use a feature for something else, we admire your creativity. Feel free to also suggest features that would better suit your needs on our support server.

Modular Configuration

Daedalus offers advanced and complex features but it is easy to use Daedalus for simple applications too. In server settings, you can disable modules you don't want to use which will disable all commands within them and almost all events and other components of the module.

Secure and Transparent

You shouldn't trust users or bots with more permissions than they need to function in general, which is why we provide a documentation page on all of the permissions Daedalus requests and what features it wants them for. If you are not using any of the features listed under a permission, you can safely disable that permission.